There’s not much growing in The Tiny Farm at the moment. The last of the original radishes finally succumbed to the same fate as the others and were munched by some kind of nocturnal tiny critter, leaving the original small bed completely empty, apart from the usual sprouts of clover. That stuff really does get everywhere!

The cold frame isn’t doing much either, apart from collecting water and sagging in the middle. Nothing much has sprouted yet, other than the mystery greens, which I hope will grow a bit bigger than they are at the moment.

Again, something seems to like the taste of them, so I replanted a few of them in a pot that the previous tenant left behind. I’m hoping that this might keep them out of reach of the pesky tiny critters.

As today was dry and fairly mild, I decided to get on with some weeding. I started with the border, which was starting to become a bit overgrown with weeds. It’s only a small area, so it didn’t take long, but as I was doing it I came up with an idea.

As you might expect, my small compost container is getting pretty full. Not only that, but it’s also fairly gross as it has become home to a lot of slugs and flies. So, I decided that, since I’m not going to be planting anything in the border until Spring, it might be a good idea to empty the compost bin and plant its contents there instead.

I think I mentioned before that my compost seems to smoke a lot when disturbed, and boy was this stuff smoking! True, most of the paper shreds that I had put in there still looked like paper, and there were some recent banana skins and orange peels that were still identifiable by sight (and smell!), but most of it seemed to be composting pretty well.

I noticed that right in the middle there was some powdery green stuff which seemed to be where most of the smoke was coming from. It kind of resembled mouldy bread, but with no actual bread remaining. I don’t know if that’s what it was or nor, but I’m wondering if perhaps the carbs in the bread are creating the energy to cook the compost more effectively. I’ve recently read that bread is not good for the compost pile as it attracts pests, but I guess we’ll find out.

Anyway, it felt pretty satisfying burying it and cleaning out the container ready to start again. I do love to compost!

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